Online Banking / ATM/CDM

Online Banking / ATM / CDM

You are required to pay the exact amount of your total order.  
For example, your order amount is RM75.10. Payment to be made is RM75.10. 

All orders submission will be valid only for 48 hours. Please make your "payment notification" within 48 hours upon your order submission. After such time, order submitted will be cancelled automatically. In the case where you have made the payment later after the order has been cancelled, you may place a new order and notify us again. 


What should I do after Payment?

1) After making your order, you will get the Order id:

2) Key in order number in the recipient reference 
3) If there's recipient email, fill in miraclecloset@gmail.com.
4) Then proceed to Payment Notification for notifying us you have made the payment, or else your payment will be processed until we discover your bank transaction.