Top 5 Mistakes that most parents make


TOP 1 Mistake

Most Malaysian parents make the mistake that the Cushion Padded Backpack can help their children to lower/minimize their heavy backpack load to 0% 
WRONG! Don't misunderstood me here, cushion padded will definitely help your kids to carry heavy backpack more comfortable but still the heavy load is on their shoulders.
We recommend for kids 6,7,8,9 Years Old to use trolley backpack and allow the trolley carry the load of books and let your kids learn the knowledge within. It is because kids at young age, their backspine is still developing and it's absolutely harmful to carry heavy load daily at that moment.


2nd Mistake

The bigger the better! WRONG again! Nowadays almost every kids are carrying textbooks, pratical books, exercise books, and tutorial books to school daily. Furthermore after morning classes there are a few schools continue with afternoon tuition. Getting bigger backpack only getting your son/daughter suffer heavier load! The trick is not getting a bigger backpack but to distribute and getting more different capacity. You can get either a trolley backpack or normal backpack and combo with a tote tuition bag. If it's still not enough combine all three together but let the normal backpack carry the less amount of weight, i've saw this situation many times and it makes me feel sad. We hope that our Malaysia will enhance their education system and the school will allow the kids put the books overnight at school. 


3rd Mistake

This is a super dangerous mistake made almost by all the parents! One day I went to drop my son to school and passby the staircase, I saw a kid dragging an overweight trolley backpack up the stairs the boy is just around 25kg dragging a super large trolley backpack weight around 20kg. If it accidentally slip off, the kid and others will be injured badly which all the parents wouldn't like to see that. I understand especially chinese school students have the most hideous amount of books but PLEASE take note not to carry all the books to school nor choose a large ovesize trolley backpack for your kids.  Choose a suitable size trolley backpack with a 3 wheels stair climbing feature and disctribute some of the books into another tote tuition bag if the trolley backpack is overweight. Don't just spend money buying trolley backpack for your kids but spend more time with your kids understand their situation, environment and their feelings.


4th Mistake

Expensive = Good, this common norm always mistakenly assumed by many parents when choosing a right backpack for kids. 
Here's a illustration that will trigger many expensive brands and they are surely not happy to share this information.

In this modern age we must use the advantage of online to choose your kids backpack wisely!


5th Mistake

Choosing the wrong trolley might bring a lot of unwanted troubles, after six months of testing all the trolleys that we could find in the current market, here are a few best designs we selected for you to compare and to save your time!