Customer Reviews
Opinion of aaron about
Barrel Korean Stylish 3 Ways Carrying Leather Weekender Backpack MC474 RH7

this bag looks good!

Opinion of Dinas Ilmi Wirawati about
Girl Colorful Heavy Duty Nylon Large Capacity 6 Wheel Trolley Backpack MC350 RA3
Quite large and very durable. Trolley also durable, very convenience and very useful. Pull up the stairs easily. Can lift full bag with a child on it without breaking although not advisable (my child play with her friend like that.). Nice colourings and my daughter loves it! Will definitely buy another in future. Thank you bagshop for selling quality bag.

Opinion of halenlow about
2168 - School Bag / Heavy Duty / Bag on Wheels RA2
Bought it twice for my first and second son, came back again for my nephew hahaha, fast & friendly service, hope you sell plenty

Opinion of masayudaud about
Blossom Floral 6 Wheels Trolley Backpack A18 - RA3
Fast delivery Excellent service by seller Highly recommended *****

Opinion of kursiahmi about
MC244- New Design Hard Cover Kids 6 Wheels Trolley Backpack / School Student 3 Wheels Stair Climbing RA2
good value for money